Subtle, Emotive & Raw VideoFusion Wedding Films

Our Wedding Films Dorset, reflect the uniqueness of the people celebrating their wedding.  We shy away from following formulas, set lists or agendas.  Our goal is to capture the energy, connection and passion within the people gathered, reflecting the day truthfully and creatively. 

We see your story as it is.  The words you share within your vows, or your wedding breakfast speeches.  These become the backbone upon which we layer our distinctive blend or Wedding Videography Dorset and photography.

Wedding Films Dorset & VideoFusion Artists

A VideoFusion is an enrichment of the Wedding film viewing experience.  It’s fast paced, humorous and tender, all condensed within a 10 minute+ production.


Why VideoFusion Wedding films?

Having polished our skills as leading Dorset Wedding Photographers, winning a number of prestigious International Awards, we wanted to carry our creativity further forward.  New challenges that would prove both rewarding, and popular with our clients.

For a number of years we have worked within our PhotoFilm genre (Stills photography and audio films).  Successful as they are, we knew that new opportunities would present within wedding videography.  It’s very nature injecting new energy into the mix. 

Wedding videography would take us further in our story telling.  VideoFusion being something that would draw the viewer in, and hook them from the start.

Most people commonly catch snippets of video and photography, depicting their lives, along with the events around them on mobile phones. 

As professional artists working between all media, our skill lies within our ability to capture, edit and blend components into a seamless and attractive Wedding Film Dorset.

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Wedding Videographer Dorset

How we work

One Wedding Photographer and one Wedding Videographer Dorset simultaneously working in unison capturing creative and dynamic imagery. 

We capture selective wedding videography at opportune moments throughout the wedding day.  Instances such as the moment when vows and rings are exchanged, walking down the aisle, confetti blizzards or the first dance.  These classic moments lend themselves perfectly to capturing movement within our Wedding Film Dorset.

Take these, and carefully mix them with award winning stills photography, audio highlights and aerial drone videography – the Wedding film VideoFusion is born!


A sensory Journey within Wedding Films Dorset


It’s a sensory journey, condensing the day into a compact film capturing the highlights, the humour and the tenderness.  A joy to watch time and again, for you, your guests – even absent friends!

If you are looking to have your day captured within Wedding Videography, take a look at our first videoFusion productions.  They reflect the people and how they celebrated.  We work from our couples vision for the day, uniquely and with refinement.  There is no cookie cutting approach here!

Get in Contact or give us a call, we would love to hear more about your plans for the day. We work around you in capturing our distinctive Wedding Videography Dorset, Hampshire & London.

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