Planning a wedding is one of those few occasions in life where we move forward making decisions upon things that we have limited, or next to no experience in.  You are expected to make the correct choices on all the priorities.  To balance the books and follow a budget.

From finding a venue that will fit your vision for your day, whilst still being practical.  Having accommodation nearby or included?  How far ahead should we book and how much should we expect to pay?  Do you go for a Band or a DJ – or both?  Do you hire in all the professionals or do some things yourself?

Thats a big responsibility, that does involve some research and self reflection.  Self reflection, of course – you will need to isolate what is most important to you and your partner.  With so much freedom and choice available to couples, being able to celebrate in so many differing ways, ‘What will be your way’?

Wedding Planning Tips

No need to follow convention or tradition – this is your moment.  The time for you to start making your own traditions… to be impulsive, spontaneous, heart felt and passionate about your people.

Wedding planning should be fun and exciting – you are planning the best day of your lives with all your favourite people together in one place.

Wedding Photographer Dorset

Wedding Photographer Dorset

Wedding Photographer Dorset

As an experienced professional wedding photographer, I’ve benefitted from seeing hundreds of weddings.  I’m in a unique position to assist couples with planning advice, being able to answer questions that maybe on your mind.  Everything from timeline advice, allowing enough time for essential portraits through to advice on wedding suppliers.

This page is dedicated to helping you through your wedding planning journey.  I’ve interviewed a few colleagues, fellow wedding professionals who excel within their field.  From award winning florists to boutique hotels in the New Forest, I’ve got the low down on all the questions and answers you need to have.

It’s impartial advice having come from years of experience, delivering the best in wedding day experiences.

I’ll be adding to this section over the coming months. More information and advice on wedding photography and more guest interviews.


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