Wedding photography and capturing its tender moments means the world to me! Split seconds in time, connection and exchanges caught off the cuff.

They also resonate with my wonderful clients.  Many still like a few formal photographs yet couples like Kelly and Gavin love the spontaneity captured within my style of documentary wedding photography.

This capture was taken from my seated position during the wedding breakfast.  I was fortunate to have been given a prime spot with a perfect line of sight, enabling me to keep one eye on the top table whilst still enjoying a superb meal!

Their young daughter had approached her parents between the courses and it seemed likely that a good image was going to present itself.

Holding back, observing and waiting often pays off.

Letting people be themselves, relaxing with the feeling of space for one another without any awareness to the photographer.

I had no idea what I would get, yet I knew something would happen.   Something more than any formal photograph could deliver, with it giving an insight into their special relationship.


Wedding Photography in Dorset

When their daughter’s hands fell upon both shoulders, I knew the images was on!

It worked… I love the shot!  A tender moment, with a kiss exchanged, their daughter in the center, between two attentive loving parents.

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