Everyone loves photography, whether it’s the art in taking the picture or the pleasure in appreciating an image of a loved one.

To many, wedding day photography is the most important decision to be made, amongst all the choices in wedding vendors to use.

However, the bulk of people living now have the images associated with their entire lives, resigned to digital presentation. Whether it’s a life led via Facebook updates, camera files backed up to a computers hard drive, or their wedding photography USB resigned to a cupboard drawer.

Computers, hard drives, usb’s are all corruptible and social media profiles disappear after ones passing.


So what will be your lasting legacy to the generations to come?

Will there be any photographs to bear witness to the life you led. To tell your story or paint a picture of who and what you were about?

If your photography is left to digital only, there is a high chance, your life in pictures will be lost and erased, with no evidence of the person you were.

Last week, I presented an album to a couple, whose wedding I captured back in 2012. Mike and May a young couple with the excitement and the rewards of married life in front of them.

A few years in they had their daughter Selina born and life was great.  May was hoping to go to University to study medicine and everything was building full of positivity.

Their home is full of photos – treasured memories from not only their marriage, but that of their family.  Young Selina, her every development, from a baby to taking her first steps.  All documented and all so very precious.

Wedding Photographer Dorset

When Life gets in the way!


6 months ago, following a spell of illness they were devastated to discover that, May had been diagnosed with Leukaemia.

She was desperately ill and in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Many months have been spent in hospital, undergoing chemotherapy, trying to built her strength back up. She is now in remission, but still having to make regular hospital appointments for check ups and tests.

She desperately needs a bone marrow transplant and she has tried all routes to find a suitable donor. Appeals from the Anthony Nolan Trust, the Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) and National news coverage have not yet located a suitable donor. #Match4May

Finding a donor from the black community is proving difficult. The Afro Caribbean communities have in the past been reluctant do not put themselves forward to assist in compiling the Bone Marrow registries.

May & Mike’s Appeal


When I asked May what she could say to the black community she said –

“ I would urge members of the black Afro-Caribbean communities to come forward, it’s not painful and it doesn’t take much of the person’s time. By doing this they give a person the second chance to life, for a mother to be there for her daughter and a father to be there for his kids.

There is no operation involved in being a donor, its just as simple as giving blood. The great news is that they get to save someones life. Without the bone marrow transplant , people like me will eventually die. If I don’t get a transplant , the disease will kill me.

Its so sad that something that is curable, results in unnecessary deaths because of a lack of donors. I urge people to come forward.

I’m so tired and pleading that people come forward. I try to act normal for Selina’s sake, but inside I’m terrified!

The African Caribbean community should step up and start doing something.

How to Help!

Please get in contact with the Anthony Nolan Trust or the Afro Carribean Leukemia Trust to join the register.  Help save a life today.