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Dorset is a stunning county with an abundance of top wedding venues and breath taking natural scenery.  We are very fortunate to live and work here, along with having the opportunities to travel throughout the UK and internationally to capture the finest weddings.

We are passionate about our craft, seeing each wedding as unique with its own individual merits and vibrancy.  Every wedding is an opportunity for us to capture timeless imagery that both enthuses and drives us forward creatively, along with impressing the many couples we work with.

Our passion to deliver a truthful and natural  body of work from every wedding, is paramount to our approach to the wedding day.  Keeping the couple as center of attention, enjoying the day with their gathered family and friends.

As a wedding photojournalists, our main role in your wedding day is that of impartial observers.  We let you and your guests dictate the flow of the day and we’re just invited along for the ride.  There are no pictures that we have to get, there is no set list to follow.

Key moments are recorded effortlessly with the wedding environment being almost second nature to us.  What we look to capture are events and interactions centrally and around the edges that make your day unique.

Our combined  years of experience working as wedding photojournalists allow us to move quickly, anticipating opportunities and capturing split second moments.  All key parts of the day are recorded with ease and style.

Documentary Wedding Photography

A great Documentary Wedding Photographer looks to capture the story of your day so you and your friends can relive the day as if they were there.

From the preparations, through to the evening entertainment, capturing the nerves and the joy, the tears and the laughter.

The art of story telling

There is an art to story telling and every one does it differently. Shared humour, personalities and perceptive skills all come into play when catching and framing images.  But on top of this, there are also choices as to the tools to use.

We love to use audio recordings from the wedding day to help in making ‘your’ story come to life.  Recording your vows and wedding speeches, editing the highlights and having the voices of the key people in your day, tell your story.


Photofilms capture the emotions perfectly and give context to the words behind the images.  The wedding speech that produced the tear in the Bride’s eye, or the image of the Groom biting his lip – trying to contain his emotion.

They are powerfully emotive and are a real asset in presenting the story of your day in our role as a documentary wedding photographers.

What is a Wedding Fusion Film?


It’s a unique film blending Photography, Video, Drone footage and audio recordings from the day.

Distinctive and modern, they capture the emotional context,

forming powerful story telling presentations.

We’re sure you will love them!

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