Top Tips for Booking a Wedding Venue


This week we are speaking to Gina Sanchez, wedding and events manager at Burley Manor in the New Forest.   This stunning venue attracts people from all over the world to celebrate their wedding at this unique New Forest Hotel and Wedding Venue.

Gina’s experience & expert advice, will prove invaluable information when embarking upon your wedding planning journey.  Her essential tips making key decisions on choice of venue that bit easier.


Can you share a little of the history of Burley Manor & how long you have been a wedding venue?


Sure, Burley Manor first Great House dates from 1250 – it was the ancestral home of the De Burley family.  The Manor was ceded to the King in 1388 when Sir Simon De Burley was executed in the Tower of London for alleged treason.

For nearly 200 years it was a Royal Manor but we have no knowledge of who lived here. By 1551 the Estate had become divided and passed into the family of Batten who were Lords of the Manor until 1724. Several changes of ownership then happened until around 1780 when James Mowbray became the owner leaving it to his sisters in 1801.

In 1852 the Manor was pulled down by William Clement Drake Esdaile who had the property from when The Misses Mowbray died in 1807 and built into what it is today. He is responsible for the family motto over the fireplace in our now main reception area.  His family coat of arms is shown in the window in the Drawing Room, and at the bottom of the staircase.

Moving forward, in 1940 the hotel was requisitioned and used as a military HQ by Lord Montgomery, after the war it was then converted into a hotel and has remained so since that time.
Burley Manor is now owned by New Forest Hotels after taking the property in April 2015.  New Forest Hotels invested largely into Burley Manor refurbishing the property back to its former glory.

It was later in Spring 2016 when what was known as ‘Charcoals’ was stripped back and made into The Barn and it has become and ever growing popular wedding & events location ever since.

Burley Manor Wedding Venue

What are your Top-Tips for a couple looking to book a wedding venue?


1. Have a budget… and stick to it! Only look at venues that are within budget and check out all offers available.

2. Make sure the venue you pick is the venue you fall in love with. You will know when you find the correct venue for you!

3. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy the wedding! Relax throughout the planning process and let us help with all you need.

Spend time with your guests and family on the day and pass on any stresses to us. It’s what we’re here for!


Who is the Ideal Burley Manor client (wedding Couple) ?  I presume most aren’t from the immediate locality?


Anyone looking for unique experience in the heart of the New Forest is welcome at Burley Manor!  Our wedding couples range from people who live within Burley village and who come from other cities around the UK.  Burley is an easy accessible destination so is ideal for people with guests who are travelling from all different regions.  We’ve even had couples who don’t live within the UK get married with us – USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Dubai!!


What’s the most extravagant / memorable wedding you have hosted at BM?  Why?


The great thing about Burley Manor is that it is an ideal spot for couples to be able to make their wedding really unique. We’ve had all sorts of themed weddings from, Halloween to Disney to Star Wars! We’ve had fire breathers for evening entertainment along with great bands and DJ’s. All weddings are memorable to us as they’re all enjoyable and we love making each day special for each couple.