Breaking from the norm with this post, I thought I would share something of a more personal nature – with what I find is the hardest part of being a good wedding photographer.

No doubt, you will have read or at least been aware of all the posts out there detailing all the technical aspects of being a wedding photographer?

How to prepare for the day, what’s in the kit bag, what is my favourite lens and why. To use flash / strobes or available light – the pros and cons. What is documentary wedding photography and has the word ‘documentary’ been over used or even abused. So much that most people dont know what the genre is all about.

Article after article has been churned out and they are easily found with a quick google search.

Well, this post has nothing to do with the above.

Nor has it anything to do with F-stops and shutter speeds but it has everything to do with being a wedding photographer.

It was only this week that I read a post on a photographers forum asking if anyone had ever been late for a wedding? Shock horror, that anything like this should ever happen to me. It certainly hasn’t happened yet and I will always endeavour to make sure it never does!

Yet, we are all human – things happen that are often outside our control. The photographer in question like each and every one of us, had unfortunately been through a pretty traumatic evening the night before with a good family pet having been taken ill, culminating with him having to make the decision to have it put to sleep.

Devastating indeed, and it was understandable that his attention was elsewhere the following morning, resulting in being late for the wedding preparation pictures. Luckily the wedding couple were very understanding and it didn’t prove to be a problem.

This event only serves to illustrate what I count as being every bit as important as the technical and artistic merits of a given wedding photographer. The photographers emotional wellbeing or frame of mind if you like!

Within our relationships we all go through periods of highs and lows, good times and possibly not so good. After all, this reality is highlighted in the exchange of our wedding vows?

Week in, week out!

As a wedding photographer, I see this exchange week in week out. You may think that it becomes tiring to see so often, but to the contrary. Each wedding is different as I am always looking for that raw emotion, the tear in the eye or the trembling lip, and listening for the wavering voice,  in order to capture this in my photography.

For me to work well, its very much the case of being able to see and feel the moment, capturing all the pivotal aspects within my wedding photography. Key to this performance is my own relationship – my marriage and my family.
Wedding Photographer in Dorset
My wife, Moni is the greatest woman I have ever met. She is my best friend and she is the person I look to for strength, support, love and inspiration. She offers critique where needed and praise where it is due. She also shares a love for creating happy clients!

We have had our share of the rough and the smooth, but even when things have been tough, we have always known that we are very much in love.

Moni is my inspiration and the key to my emotional well being. Her smile gives me strength and pushes me forward, growing as a person as well as an artist.

A friend recently pointed out that

many people get preoccupied with all the attention being on the wedding, the theme, the details, colours…..yet the most important thing is the marriage!

Our relationships are key to our happiness and health. A great marriage can take a lot of effort, but the benefits and rewards are bountiful.

So if you have ever thought ‘what’s the hardest part of being a good wedding photographer’ there is only one answer – keeping your marriage and relationships strong. This is the solid foundation that is needed in order to appreciate, to see and to capture within other peoples lives!

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  1. Nice post Linus. I know that my wife is a tower of strength for me… encouraging me, pushing me forward and she is a great sounding board when I need advice and can’t see the wood from the trees ! I would be lost without her so I fully appreciate your blog post…

    Hope you have a wonderful christmas and a great new year..


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