Personal Branding Photography & Videography

Supplying all your imagery needs whether taken from the sky or on dry land!

Our personal branding photography & films service is an all encompassing umbrella.  We naturally gravitate to creatives, performers, craftsmen and sports people wishing to capture their energy and dynamism.

We approach each person as an individual, looking to isolate the ‘things’ that make them unique.  It’s a process we have used within our documentary wedding photography for many years, but it’s also ‘the way’ to get imagery that has life and purpose to it.  It may be raw but this reality is what other people identify with and connect with.  It’s life & it’s real.

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Claire Fudge – Triathlete, Iron Man competitor and sports nutritionist  connected with us, wishing to get a collection of imagery together representing the different sides to her ‘brand’ and business.  Looking to get plenty of material together to keep her social media channels topped up, along with a few website updates we had a wide number of opportunities to capture.

From the sports nutrition with kitchen cooking & meal shots, through to open water swimming, road cycling & running.  Have you ever tried tracking a swimmer with a  close up shot swimming in the sea, working around the tide and the drag of the waves?

That was a new thing on us – there’s nothing like a steep learning curve!  But if you are prepared to lend yourself to the creative process – we’ll give anything a go!! (even if it involves taking our drone low over open waters).

Brand Photography for Social Media

Personal Branding Photography and Videography can be produced and optimised specifically for your intended outputs.  That means we can embed logo’s and resize imagery so it is seen and appreciated at its highest quality.  The images below were generated in several sizes, one having a logo embed.  The video clips were purposely kept to small (under 1 minute) clips so they could be used within Instagram.

If you think your story or your brand would transfer well into a visual storyboard, do get in touch.  We would love to work with you and the more interesting and unusual the better!