Jade & John’s Kingston Country Courtyard wedding at the weekend was one of many visits I have made to this wonderful Dorset wedding venue.

The weather was onside, so family & guests had the chance to enjoy the courtyard gardens for their drinks and canapés.  An element of the day that always adds to photo opportunities with guests relaxing and having fun in the open air.

Kingston Country Courtyard Wedding

When re-visiting a venue on multiple occasions, it can almost lure you into a feeling of being over familiar with the environment.

Some may be lulled into a feeling of going through the motions, but when working within a documentary approach to capturing the day – there are always unique moments to capture.

Being alert and open to these moments, capturing them spontaneously – is where the skill lies in the photography.

Jade & John’s Wedding was one of the days where anticipation or familiarisation played little part in capturing this unique ceremony photo.

Young children, known for their spontaneity and love of being centre of attention never let you down.

Mid way through the ceremony, their youngest son decided to launch his comfy blanket skyward between his parents and the registrar!

Its a lovely frame, and one of many captured throughout their day.

Here’s a brief preview, highlighting the vibrancy of their day that I hope you will enjoy.

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