The team behind the images & Linus Moran Photography

Hopefully you are reading this because you like our style of photography, and that you are a little curious.  Maybe wanting to know more about the images we could create for you on your wedding day.

The ‘Team’ wasn’t planned, rather it formed itself organically over the last couple of years.

Having previously worked on my own shooting solo on weddings, developing the ‘brand’ and my style in how I wanted to tell the wedding day story.  I found myself making an imprint within the very competitive wedding photography market, creating a healthy market presence, a loyal client base, and a booked diary .

I quickly found myself being approached by other photographers looking for more experience and wanting to take their skills to the next level.  After careful vetting as to their suitability, some joined me as second shooters for a wedding or two.

Others, having more potential stayed with me, shooting more and in turn shooting their own weddings under the ‘Linus Moran Photography’ studio branding.  Read more….

Linus Moran

Hayley Profile shot

Hayley is the most recent member to join our team of Associate photographers.

A highly professional, creative and well known wedding photographer in her own right.

Regional Finalist Winner of the 2012 National Wedding Industry Awards, her level of experience will be a great asset to us all.

We are looking forward to showcasing more of her weddings, shot with us over the 2017 wedding season.

To see some of Hayley’s work, take a look at her profile page.

Will Bazlinton – has worked solidly with us over the last year, within most of the weddings covered.  So he’s notched up a great deal of experience along with polishing his skills behind the lens.

A fellow Fuji shooter, his emphasis (like mine) is within the pleasure of capturing natural, tender moments, blending into the wedding environment.

He’s the latest member to join the team and a real asset to us and the couples we work with.  We are looking forward to sharing the weddings he is now shooting as primary / lead photographer through the 2017 season!

Will Bazlinton - Associate Photographer

Oana Brasoveanu

One such person and a real success story has been Oana.

Oana has an insatiable interest in photography.  Quick to learn, always wanting to try new things.

She has worked along side me for the last two years, second shooting, before transitioning over to being the primary shooter on some weddings at the tail end of last season.

She has been the primary photographer, shooting her own weddings from the beginning of 2015.

The work she is producing is superb!  She creatively uses angles to her advantage, being sympathetic and unobtrusive in her approach.

I am really looking forward to seeing more of her work over coming weddings, and seeing her style grow.

Chris Gorman  – has been a good friend for many years.  Having first met when we were both working on the National newspapers, covering both National and international assignments.

Both of us had a change in direction around the same time, with myself heading off to Eastern Europe and Chris heading off to New Zealand.

A number of years shooting as a staff photographer and then Picture Editor for the New Zealand Herald, before returning home to the UK.

Chris’ experience and depth of knowledge is priceless.  His photographic skills range from award winning landscapes, commercial work, portraits to pure documentary wedding photography.

Having him along for a number of weddings this year was a real pleasure and inspiring to see him shooting back in the UK.

His skill set will be readily put to use throughout 2016, with being a valuable asset to the company as well as to our clients.

Chris Gorman

Prospect House Poundbury

The team compliments one another, both with our combined skills, a joint love for documentary wedding photography and our wish to deliver stunning collections of work.

All of us see client support, both advice and service as of paramount importance.

From liaising, through shooting, and to delivery.  We want our images to capture the heart beat of your day, and for us to be there to advise on the best presentation products available.

Our albums and artwork are sourced from around the world, from the finest suppliers.

Our in depth knowledge and understanding will ease any decision making process, and lead to the production of stunning body of work that we hope will be proudly displayed within your home.

So please be our guest, and let curiosity get the better of you.  Get in touch via our contact page to arrange a time to chat or to pop in and see us at the studio over a cup of tea.

We would love to meet you!