Dorset wedding Photography

Image of the Week #21

My general approach to wedding photography follows a documentray style.  On the whole this dictates a ‘wider’ perspective on things.  Shooting wide often allows the photographer to put his subjects into context framing them within their environment.

Thats great, but every now and then, something else is presented in front of the camera.  On this occasion, I purposely wanted to get a detail shot of the make up being applied during Emma’s bridal preparations.

I had noticed the make up artist using an air brush to apply foundation (something I hadn’t seen before) and thought it appropriate to go in for a close up.

Its quite an extreme crop on the face but it too serves a purpose.

If you want to capture the detail of the make up and appreciate the skill of the artist who has applied it – why have anything else to detract the eye?
Dorset wedding Photography

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  1. Lovely shot – really tight close ups can often be too harsh on the skin, but this one has used light and focus beautifully to create an absolutely luminous portrait. Great work!

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