Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Photographer

Working as a Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Photographer was a real experience, being Europe’s largest and most beautiful Sikh temple.

Opened in 2011, the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara reflects it’s rich Indian Cultural origins along with providing facilities for Sikhs living in modern day Britain.

The building attracts visitors from around the world to enjoy its unique blend of traditional Indian architecture, built by both local craftsmen, along with detailed stonework and woodcarving being completed in India.

This stunning building with its elaborate architecture and colourful decor is a dream location for a documentary wedding photographer.  So many opportunities to capture family connection, along with colour and vibrant traditions.

The Anand Karaj

Witnessing and catching beautiful Asian Wedding Photography, within the Sikh wedding ceremony of ‘Anand Karaj’.  A beautiful service to see as well as to understand.

The grooms sister drapes a length of turban cloth, called a pall, around the grooms shoulders, and places the one end in his hands.

The bride’s father then takes the other end and gives the other end to his daughter to hold, signifying that she is now leaving his care to join her husband.


Best Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Photographer


Regarded as one of the Best Wedding Photographers in the South of England, we love working with couples and families marrying at the Gravesend Gurdwara.  There is so much architectural beauty here.  Bring in to the mix two warm families and a grand celebration, great photography, rich in opportunity presents time after time.

Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Photographers

Lavan – the four wedding rounds

Four wedding hymns of Lavan represent the four stages of love, describing the marital love between husband and wife, parallel between that of the soul and God.

Walking round the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Bride follows the Groom holding onto the palla.  The couple make their first marital adjustment keeping in step with each other.  Each time returning to the front of the ceremony hall to bow down, before repeating a second, third and fourth time.

Each round is a re-enforcing of both their love, their union, Dharma and connection to God.

I find this ceremony really moving to capture as a Gravesend Gurdwara Wedding Photographer.  Sikh weddings being so rich in both colour and tradition.

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