Gay Wedding Photographers

The heartbeat to our work as Gay Wedding Photographers is within working with couples who are comfortable in expressing their connection, tenderness and love.  That’s the one thing a photographer or film maker cannot magic up.  It’s naturally present and unique to every relationship.

Capturing this within the story of your same sex wedding is what creatively binds us within our story telling.

Our unobtrusive, documentary style lends itself perfectly within our creative gay wedding photography and film making.  We let you be yourselves, showing your warmth, connection and love naturally.  Gay Wedding Photography and same-sex marriages are beautiful events where creative documentary photography can really capture characters and unique bonds of love.

LGBTQ Wedding Photography

We are all individually unique, no matter our sexuality.  Capturing the story of your day, whether it be within our photography or films, it centres upon capturing shared feelings between people, you along with your guests.  Gay or not, what we capture each and every time is your relationship – connectivity and commitment.

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Capturing your big day

We like to think our approach is somewhat different to others.  Our creativity and attunement skills are central to our style, being able to anticipate and judge key moments.

Your chemistry, individual characters and your relationships – take the lead within our work.  Capturing imagery that reflects you perfectly is our creative challenge.  We capture the natural, confident and at ease characters you share with gathered family and guests.  Mere fractions of a second, that surmise strength, tenderness, connection and warmth.

Gay Wedding Photographers

How we document your day within Gay Wedding Photography

We work closely with our couples, aligning ourselves with how you want your day to be.  We check in the week before to double check timings and the various parts of your wedding day celebration.

On the day, we arrive at an agreed time, to capture the scene setting imagery, along with the preparations and build up to the ceremony.  Here in, we are pretty much part of the wedding party, blending in, yet keeping attentive, anticipating and reading the environment, stepping in at decisive moments to capture the scene, energy and emotion.

We try to avoid placing any brakes upon your day’s natural flow.  Everything being naturally free flowing, we follow the heart beat of the people, moving from one natural picture onto the next.

We do take a small amount of arranged, posed photos – but like to keep this to a minimum.  That way, no one becomes too camera aware, preventing people either playing up or avoiding our photography.

Memories and imagery that last a lifetime.

All couples are supplied with fully edited, high resolution images that you are licensed to print from.  We can supply beautiful, hand made fine art wedding albums or create unique films that combine our photography, audio recordings and videofilm.  Do check out our Photofilm and video fusion films, we love making them and our couples love them too!

If you are planning a civil partnership or gay wedding, do get in touch.  We would love to be your choice of Gay Wedding Photographers.