I would start with the bridal preparations (and those of the groom if preparations are to take place in close proximity) before proceeding to the marriage venue to record the build up to and the ceremony itself.

A short period after the ceremony we might take a small number of posed group shots to provide you with a clear, relaxed and high quality record of how your nearest and dearest looked when they came together to celebrate your union.

I would then continue to document your wedding day as it proceeds through the various stages you have so carefully planned, including the reception, the wedding breakfast, the speeches and all the other intrinsic aspects of that special day as they occur at their natural pace.

I do not direct any part of ‘your’day for the purpose of  my photography.

To do so would result in a false documentation of your wedding day and the photographs would then become my perception of your wedding rather than a record of ‘your’ day and the way you meant it to be.

For a short period around sunset I would hope to have some time with you for a small series of portraits when the days light is at its very best. I will then continue to document the celebrations as they continue into the night.


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