Engagement Photography

& Why it’s such a good idea!


At times, planning a wedding can seem daunting.  From researching the various suppliers, making choices & then bringing them together on the one big day.  It’s time consuming but it’s also fun!

Your wedding photography will be your single biggest investment that will stand the test of time.  Making the correct decision, upon quality & style, service and products, they all come into play.  Above and beyond these, it’s also a choice based around personalities.

A number of years ago, I blindly followed the words upon websites from other photographers.  They ran along the lines of meeting up, having a engagement shoot and seeing if you like each other.  As the photographer will be with them for the whole day, it was almost a need to befriend one another.  This linear approach didn’t sit right with my thoughts of natural, documentary wedding photography.

What I missed and what others didn’t really understand

What I have come to realise over the past years, seeing my work develop, is that my best work comes through having insight into ‘how people react’.  How different characters, different couples, different relationships connect uniquely.  Having a shared appreciation for humour, having similar temperaments, tenderness, confidence…. love is a funny thing, yet it’s uniquely you!

Having insight into your relationship through an engagement shoot experience can be invaluable.  Sensing how you are with one another and capturing this, makes the job of catching wedding day photography full of emotional context far easier.


All aspects of the wedding day are laced with opportunities, where raw emotion bubbles up.  Often for mere fractions of a second.  Catching these moments unobtrusively and creatively is what really marks my work out as being ‘different’.  This difference is my style.  Reflecting you naturally – whether it be the laughter or the tears.  Emotion is powerful and it’s the one thing that cannot be directed.  It’s totally unscripted and working with this keeps my work fresh and interesting.

If you are planning your own wedding and like our style of photography
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Thinking of booking a shoot with the Engagement Photographer Dorset & Hampshire?

If an Engagement Photography shoot appeals to you, let’s make sure the setting is one that fits with you as a couple.  This can be anywhere that you enjoy, possibly where your proposed, or where you like chilling out together.  It could be a beach, a park or a lounge bar.

Pictures capture and frame a memory.  Whether it be a glorious summers evening stroll or an autumnal woodland walk, it’s the start and the lead up to your big day.  A chance to get some beautiful images to adorn your home, to use within wedding invites or upon a signing board.

I can suggest places for suitable locations, but your input will always be appreciated as I want this experience, along with the wedding day itself to be all about you.

I’d love to hear your wedding day plans, to learn more about you and to discuss how we can fit into your vision for the day.