This delightful ceremony photo was taken at Donna & Pete’s Bournemouth and Poole wedding earlier in the summer.

There were many great pictures taken that day, but this one certainly stood out to me from the start.  Its probably one of the most animated wedding ceremony shots I have taken.

Within the wedding ceremony, ‘us’ photographers are always scanning to see and capture the attentive gaze, the odd tear, the coy smile or the odd trembling lip.  Sometimes its difficult to find, whether it be down to the choice of angle we find ourselves in or the one dictated to us by the layout of the venue, the vicar or registrar.

Of course the other valuable components are anticipation and timing!

This image brings them all together perfectly and is one of the reasons I love this picture.

Immediately after the vicar had pronounced them husband and wife, this ecstatic bride flung her arms around Pete.  Caught fully out stretched with sheer delight on her face – this frame says so much about their day, their relationship and the great wedding they had!

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Ecstatic Bride - Why I Love This Picture