Documentary Family Photography


Similar to our approach to capturing wedding stories, our Documentary Family Photography also has a relaxed, observational, natural approach.  Capturing images of every day family life, in a non directed way.

Spending time with you and your family, following your natural pace and energy, without rushing or the staging of pictures.  We look to capture shared moments of connection, whether they be through the fast paced energy of children at play or the quieter moments, simply being.  Cuddling up on the sofa, reading a bedtime book, or you helping them with their homework.

Often the trivial, day to day living experiences can prove to be the most rewarding photographically.  Simple moments that envelop real connection and feelings, will prove priceless when looked back at in years to come.

Natural Documentary Family Photographer

As a Dorset Family Portrait Photographer, the Documentary Family Photography approach and style we champion, gives all our subjects the chance to relax & be themselves. 

No matter the ages, or the uncomfortableness being in front of a camera, all concerns soon dissipate once one of our shoots is underway.

This ‘Fly on the wall’ or ‘Day in the Life’ approach to capturing a snap shot into your family life will be utterly unique.  Family members grow and change so quickly.  It’s possible to see emotions of tears and laughter, along with tantrums and cuddles within minutes of one another.  Capturing these well, is like having a memory time capsule of someone looking in on your family life on one particular day.

These memories saved forever in strong Documentary Family Photography will prove incredibly valuable.  Repeating this style of shoot on consecutive years, would be the perfect way to see an appreciate the beauty within your family, long after the days when your children have flown the nest and started their own families.

Having the experience of being a father of three, along with nearly 20 years of photojournalist experience, means I’m certainly well versed in expecting the un-expected, along with being in the right place ahead of the action taking place.

Documentary Family Photography

Documenting as little or as much as you like!

I’ll let you be the judge on what works best for you and your family.  I can spend a couple of hours with you, a half day, full day or a weekend.  Each option will have it’s own distinct opportunity for unique pictures.  Do take a look at this half day Day in The Life Family Photography shoot to get a real feel of what can be achieved.

Having some form of organised activity that you will all enjoy will be great, whether that be going to the park or playing games within the garden.  Should grandparents be nearby, why not invite them over to join you for tea and to read a bedtime story.  What a way to round up the day and complete a strong set of family photography.


A 2hr daytime documentary family photography session is £350, with half day sessions (around 5 hrs) is £650

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