ArtWork Design

Artwork Design Consultations

When it comes to design, some people are naturally gifted – others use software!

Visualising finished artwork on walls is difficult for most people – I’m certainly one of those.  That’s why many people walk away from a shoot with their images saved to a USB or downloaded to their computers, with the all important final step – to print and display, never to be taken!

Imagine sitting with your wedding day photos (500+ images) and deciding which ones work together as a visual storyboard, a combination of 3 or 5 images that compliment in colour, composition and moments.  These choices being the springboard to transport you back to the day and the collective memories.

Getting it right takes great foresight, that or knowing a friendly face with some nifty software!

Artwork Design Consultations

Artwork Design Consultations

We now have the facilities to mock up real room environments, taking a real image of a wall in your home and creating (scaled to size) wall spaces exploring your various layouts of your favourite images.

Whether that be from your wedding or  family photo session.  All you need to do is to supply the interior shot of the wall space you want to display artwork upon, provide scaling measurement and then we can take things from there generating several choices in room displays.

It can be a completely remote exercise, with consultation meetings taking place via Zoom, giving feedback on image combinations till we get things perfect.  Exploring output choices, whether it’s a framed print with slim or spacious mounts, the size and colour of frames, acrylics, canvas or birchwood panels.

All design options can be explored from the comfort of your own home, whilst looking at lifelike mock ups of the designs sitting upon your own wall spaces!


Album Design Service

Following any shoot, whether a portrait session or a wedding celebration the choice of images and the possibilities on displaying them are numerous.

It can seem like a daunting task if left to do so under your own steam, not being familiar with software systems making a design process long winded and possibly lacking in finesse.

When you do finally complete the layouts, you then find that the luxury book suppliers only deal with professional trade accounts, so have no choice than to output on inferior materials.

Avoid the pain points when presenting treasured memories

Album Design ServiceAlbum Design Service

Our album design service takes away all the pressure from you in getting it perfect!

The only gentle steer we require is an idea of what images are favourites of yours and this can be done easily with the click of a mouse in your *gallery of images.  (Your edited images sent through to you online).

From here, we will start the layout of your album, designing pages that naturally flow with the flow of the day.  Choosing images that naturally complement one another.

We may pluck one or two from the main set to aid in giving certain pages either space or context, but either way – you get to have final say in the finished design.

The mock up pages are sent through to you for approval, where you can either love and approve or comment, for us to adjust.  Either to make things bigger/smaller or to swap and replace – it’s your album after all, so your preferences are followed.

Comments for changes can be left on each individual spread and once all are done, the design is approved and then it’s ready to send into production.

We prefer fine art books by the likes of Folio and Henley albums, but can use other suppliers should you have other preferences.