Day in the Life Family Photography

How easily we can forget the impressive skill set possessed by parents.  The acquired knowledge and actions deployed in guiding, containing, entertaining and of course, loving their children.

Being in the presence of Max & Yael for the afternoon, I had nothing but the greatest admiration and respect.  They performed like two highly tuned racing cars, with calm, controlled energy, working in conjunction of one another.  Parenting these three children was an art form.  A pleasure to see and to capture within the time I spent with them.

Within a short time of arriving, making my introductions and saying ‘Hi’ to everyone.  Action had kicked off into top gear with the youngest making a break for it, scaling the window sill, looking for an exit, to climb out of an upstairs window!  There I had been, stupidly looking for a small sign of acceptance, that I was ‘Good’ to pick up the cameras and begin.  Day in the life family photography was go!

We were already flat out, I had entered their world for a few hours and everything was in hyper speed!  Projectiles and bodies launching from bunkbeds.  Lamps getting smashed one minute, the very next being superglued back together by Yael, as if it had never happened.  It was a glum, rainy day outside but inside it was fun packed action time!

Documentary Family Photography

Observational, non directed photography is what I do and have done for years within my wedding photography work.  No undue influence, or at most absolute minimal.  Standing here today, I found myself asking the repeated question

Was it me, was it them or a mixture of both?”


I think I eventually settled upon a mixture of both.  High energy children, being observed by a stranger with a camera is always likely to court interaction. Whether it be playing up or to the camera, or physically prodding or bouncing off the new face in their home.

What mattered most, was what was being produced and captured by the camera.  Yes, it was great, it did capture the characters, it was comical and endearing all at the same time.  The mission of day in the life family photography was a success…so far!

Documentary Family Photography

Natural Family Photography

After lunch, having spotted a break in the rain clouds, we headed out to Hengistbury Head.  A chance for some outdoor action and some better light for me to work with.

Water certainly turned into the theme for the day.  Whether it be the abundance of puddles within which to race through or the shoreline.  Their youngest face planting in the sea, everyone with squelching boots full of water, as we walked around the picturesque location.

Without hanging around and the little ones catching a cold, it was time to head home to the siblings bath time and to settle down watching Shrek in the play room.  It was here that I concluded coverage for the day, knowing that I had some really strong beautiful images, providing that snap shot / time capsule documentary take on Max & Yael’s family in 2018!

Who know’s there may be further additions to the family in coming years.  Dynamics will change and characters will grow, in turn, new pictures will continue to capture fleeting instances, comical moments and loving times.

Thanks for inviting me along Yael & Max, you’ve got a beautiful family and it was a pleasure to spend time with you all.

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Documentary Family Photography


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