As an Asian Wedding Photographer Southampton, I like to produce imagery that celebrates the universal qualities that each and every wedding has in common.

Whether it be a Muslim wedding, Sikh Wedding, or Hindu wedding there is one thing that runs through out all.  They are all rites of passage, with family and our interconnectivity being central to the day.

The ceremonies and traditions differ, whether it be Mehndi, Sangeet, Nicah, Anand Karaj or Vivaah Samskar.  There is beauty held within all and each having its own allure and symbolism.

To an Asian Wedding Photographer Southampton, anticipating and attuning to moments of connection within the ceremonies and celebrations, is our creative passion.  We love people, being with them, observing and capturing them.


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A bride leaving her family home for the last time before leaving with her husband to join a new family, is a moment full of emotion.  Naturally, for the bride, but also for the extended family, there will be moments with different people showing varying degrees of emotion.  Keeping aware of all those around is important to achieving great photography.

Intuition is of paramount importance in order to catch the complete story of the day.  Anticipating moments and being in the right place at the right time, enables us to capture the tender exchanges along with the joyful celebrations.

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Confidence within experience

Within our wedding photography we have witnessed the rich diversity of customs.  From our UK Asian Weddings to remote Muslim weddings within the Rhodope mountains.  Beautiful customs that deserve to be unobtrusively documented, letting the vibrant culture and the connection between people shine through.

We do not arrange photographs (apart from a small amount of group shots) preferring to capture your day as it really happened.

We see Culture, Connection and Creativity as being the best approach as an Asian Wedding Photographer Southampton.

If you are planning your Asian wedding in Southampton, Bristol, Kent or elsewhere we would love to capture your day naturally and unobtrusively.  Imagery showing the rich cultural traditions, along with close family connection shown through artistic documentary wedding photography.

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