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2019….Where did that go?

It’s always a tough one, finding the appropriate opening lines within which to recall a complete year!  Where do I start?  To unravel the year chronologically would be far from creative.  So let’s come at it from another direction.  What did I learn, what did I feel and what did I capture?  Now thats a more interesting scenario within which to frame 2019!

2019 saw us shooting weddings from Newcastle to Newquay, enjoying the journey and exploring new locations.  A conscious decision taken early in the year to mix work with pleasure catching up with old friends, many I hadn’t visited for a number of years.  Doing life can often obscure living life, the busyness of the everyday taking our minds and energy elsewhere.


What did I learn?


In my endeavour to capture unique moments & images, I met once again with the realisation ‘ to see more, you have to feel more’.  The realisation that my style of wedding photography is all encompassing, not solely centred on bride and groom, but on the wedding guests as a whole.  All gathered for a specific occasion, but behind this main story there are many & varied sub stories.  Whilst some celebrate, others may be grieving.  Being intuitively aware & sensitive does impact and shape how you see, frame and capture the world!

What did I feel?


I felt a degree of privilege, for sure – but it wasn’t just for the obvious “thanks for being part of your day” spiel.  More so for the enriching of my own personal experience.  Wedding breakfast speeches being one of those golden opportunities where people can either choose to share a cliche lifted from the web or they can share their own vulnerabilities, tenderness and love.  Witnessing true moments of connection within a wedding day, these are the real things in life.  REAL experiences that resonate.  These moments are what I look for and thrive upon.  If my imagery can convey a moment of feeling to the subjects, to me or to a stranger – what more could I wish for?


What did I capture?


Here’s a small selection of images from my weddings in 2019.  Virtually every shot, unscripted, undirected, natural people being themselves.

The skill set I bring to each wedding day is not just experience and technical know how.  More importantly it’s intuition to feel when to stand back, have some patience & to give a scene the space to really come to fruition.  Whether it be within a comical moment or an instance of emotional vulnerability.

I hope you can see and appreciate the subtlety within some of these images 🙂

My thanks and appreciation of my peers within the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association)WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) with the images awarded over the last year (note to self – must regularly submit each month in 2020).  The WPJA is a world based organisation of like minded photographers seeking to promote and reward the very best in documentary wedding photography.


With thanks……

Once again a big thanks to Will Bazlinton for second shooting alongside me, along with shooting a number of weddings as lead photographer.  A few images make their appearance below, his great eye for a shot has been invaluable to me over recent years.

So looking forward to what 2020 has in store for us.  A soon to be rebranding to bring more creative opportunities our way, along with some amazing weddings booked in stunning locations – we cant wait to get going!

If you hope to be celebrating your own wedding in 2020 and beyond, do get in touch we would love to hear about you & your plans!


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  1. Worth Year! I just feel happy to look at your photos and follow the way they’re captured. You should be really proud of your work. Look forward to seeing what you come up within 2020!!

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