“The marriage of sound and stills to produce

Documentary Slideshows with Audio recordings.”

As Documentary Wedding Photographers, we know that there is only so much a single photograph can convey to the viewer.

Photography has the ability to bring you back to that moment, but over time our memories along with some details will fade. Keeping those small, yet very important details alive is the driving force behind Photofilm wedding videos,  producing a film that serves to act as a ‘living’ wedding album.

We all remember the faces of loved ones through the images we have.  Reminders serving to reinforce and keep our memories alive. But what of the voice …?

A voice tells so much about a person and yet so many of us lack any quality keepsakes capturing this detail.

Volume, tone, accent, mannerisms and diction all serve to create and leave an impression with the listener. All are valuable facets to use when telling stories and these are all perfectly harnessed within Photofilm wedding videos.

Weddings are about the people, their interactions and relationships. We capture this naturally with a calm observant approach.

This same approach that we have to our wedding photography is also mirrored within the sound recordings gathered from your wedding day.

Using high quality professional digital recorders strategically placed within a room or placed within the groom jacket pocket, recordings are made without any interference to the wedding day’s natural flow.

We let the people, tell their story in their own words. Recording voices and carefully editing to create a film that creatively unfolds to document the real story of your wedding day.

Our photography artistically captures every detail of your day, leaving you to tell the story of your day, in your own words.

Photofilm wedding videos are designed to be enjoyed and viewed on the everyday technology we all use on a daily basis.

Designed for easy loading onto your iphone, ipad or computer for instant sharing amongst friends and family on social media. It’s the album you can carry everywhere you go!

Louise & James’ Moreton Church Wedding.

A very hot summer wedding at a gorgeous Dorset church.

If choral music is your thing, this wedding will blow you away.

With the Bride being a Soprano and the Groom a Tenor, with all their gathered friends
raised the roof with a very moving service full of rich musical accompaniment.

A crown has to be passed to the Father of the Bride for his wedding speech.
The quote upon meeting her intended husband to be….

“I wanted no more than to stab him repeatedly with a blunt screw driver!” – Thank God we are all civilised down here in Dorset!

Caroline & Dave’s Little Quarme Wedding, Somerset

An open air wedding ceremony at Little Quarme, over looking
a beautiful Somerset valley.

Marquee reception back at Northover Manor with friends
providing the musical soundtrack of the day.

Great speeches, plenty of laughter and smashing crowd of people.

Kelly & Gavin’s Kingston Maurward Wedding, Dorset.

An early spring, outdoor wedding in this stunning venue near Dorchester.

So many great details from the day to remember, from Lauren Bannon
serenading the couple, 
to wedding quotes from Bruce Lee!

A wedding speech delivery that produced one of my best pictures to date,
with both the Bride and her Mother-in-law biting their lips, struggling to hold back tears!

A very heartfelt, emotional day and a real pleasure to capture.
A real favourite of mine!

Capturing the real story of your wedding day


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Sarah & James’ Portland castle Wedding.

A lovely church wedding on Portland with a rather enthusiastic
Groom rushing into his vows,

followed by a marquee reception in the grounds of Portland Castle.

Laura & Andy’s Huntsham Court Wedding, Devon.

An amazing day full of wonderful details.  Woodland themed wedding within a beautiful country house.

A private church blessing on the estate grounds, a rich musical soundtrack provided by friend and musician Ryan Keen.  Wedding breakfast speeches that melted the heart, a groom holding back the tears….

Well worth taking a look…

Heather & Gary’s Bournemouth Wedding.

Held at Bournemouth Town Hall, this was a very colourful wedding to say the least.  A wedding ceremony with Bride and Groom entering the chamber to a personally mixed soundtrack of Carly Simon and James Bond theme tunes.

Flanked by friends and family with colourful pom poms.  Animated and humorous – it was spectacular, distinctive and very, very them!

What more could I possibly add to a film that ends with a classic Best Man speech and the delivery of

“Gary’s background is wire, sockets and l.e.d.lights …while Heather’s is whips, chains, sex and black tights!”

Helen & Tony’s Athelhampton House Wedding.

A winter wedding at this stunning 15th Century Tudor Manor house in Dorset.

A cozy feel to this wedding, Scottish pipers, Christmas trees and atmospheric lighting.

An ex special forces groom who embraced his softer emotional side exchanging vows.

A heartfelt ceremony with some choice wedding breakfast speeches.

Oh, did I mention the stunning bride!…

Andy & Jenna’s Bridport Wedding.

A wonderful summers day wedding in Bridport with some very special memories captured.  Following the ceremony, it was off back to Weymouth for the reception.

When it comes to wedding breakfast speeches, there are  good ones, not so good ones and then there are the spectacular ones.  Often unscripted, un practiced and from the heart.

This wedding saw the Grooms older brother deliver one of the spectacular ones!  A very personal, heart felt tribute, that reduced both the Bride and Groom, their parents and pretty much the room to tears.

Think its going to be a speech and a moment that will live with me for quite a while.  A real pleasure to capture!